Why Electric Scooters Are the Best Transport Vehicles for Resorts, Hotels and Holiday Parks

Most resorts are designed to be pedestrian friendly so that guests can walk around freely and enjoy everything that the resort has to offer. However, the bigger a resort is, the more challenging it is for the guests to enjoy everything that it has to offer. As such, if you manage a resort that spreads over a large area, you must find a simple yet efficient way for your guests to get around. Here is where electric scooters come to the rescue through the E-TWOW ride sharing system, a novel transportation solution suitable for luxurious and modern retreats, but also for hotels and holiday parks.

Electric scooters are easy to use

You don’t need a licence to ride electric scooters as they are very easy to drive and maneuver. Moreover, the scooters produced by E-TWOW have special speed limit settings, to abide by the circulation laws of each country.

You don’t need staff to implement this transport solution

Most vehicle rental systems require staff members who must supervise the renting of each scooter. However, we offer a complete solution which requires minimum supervision and maintenance. Our solution consists of electric scooters, smart docks where the scooters are parked and charged, and a smart apps which allows your guests to unlock the scooters without assistance. When they are done using them, the guests must park the scooters in one of the smart docks placed around the resort. You don’t need staff to rent out the scooters and there won’t be any discharged scooters abandoned around the resort.

You will provide your guests with a modern facility

When you promise your guests a luxurious holiday experience, you must do everything in your power to ease their life. With an electric scooter rental system, your guests can safely and conveniently get around and enjoy everything that the resort has to offer. The scooters have a range of up to 40 km, so they can be used for long distances. Hotels can offer them to guests who want to explore nearby touristic attractions without being stuck in traffic and without having to walk by foot for hours.

The scooters can also be used by your staff

While the scooters are great for your guests, they can also be used by your staff in numerous day-to-day tasks such as: staff transport, site security, rapid medical responses and much more. The same solution can be used by both guests and staff members. You can have guest accounts for your clients with preferential fees, and free accounts for your staff members.

They are easy to manage

Our scooters are equipped with GPS/GPRS tracking devices and the smart app features an admin panel that offers an operational oversight of the whole scooter fleet. The app is very intuitive, and it has an easy learning curve. You won’t need a tech expert to manage the scooter fleet, as any staff member can be trained to handle this easy task. The scooters are also equipped with anti-theft features such as alarms and an automatic shut-off function.

They are a cost-efficient, Eco-friendly transport solution

Compared to gas powered vehicles, electric scooters are much more affordable, and their operational costs are almost inexistent. From an environmental point of view, they will not only reduce the carbon footprint of your guests, but they will also reduce the noise pollution. After all, most guests come to a resort for peace and tranquility and the last thing they need is to be surrounded by noise vehicles and gas emissions.


As you can see, a scooter rental system is a great way to provide your guests with an added hospitality benefit. Our ride sharing solution can be implemented in any country, in any community and in any space. They can even be used indoors and it takes little to no effort to implement this transportation solution in your business.

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