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Do you want full freedom to build a micromobility rental business in your community?
Our ride-sharing solution is highly flexible, and it can be adapted to the needs of any community or organization.

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Do you want full freedom to build a micromobility rental business in your community?
Our ride-sharing solution is highly flexible, and it can be adapted to the needs of any community or organization.

Here are some of the contexts in which our scooter rental can make a difference:

  • Hotels and residential complexes – Empower your tenants with an on-site smart mobility solution that will also increase the value of your property.
  • Tourism agencies – Join the new age of urban mobility and organize visiting tours on electric scooters or bicycles.
  • Corporations – Invest in the well-being of your employees by offering them a smart, efficient, and cheap last-mile commuting solution.
  • Public transport network – Electric scooters/bicycles are a gamechanger in urban mobility, and they can easily be integrated into public transport networks.

With our Ride Sharing solution, you will be starting a new business without actually starting from scratch.You will have access to a fully developed business solution that we have perfected in the last 4 years.

Our solution

You can customize our micromobility rental solution according to your business plan. The scooters/bicycles are the foundation of the rental system. Nonetheless, you have full control over how you implement this system. Your solution can work without an app, using only the scooters/bicycles and the docking station, or it can work with only the scooters/bicycles and the app by defining virtual parking areas in the app. For a highly organized sharing network, you can use the scooters/bicycles, the docking stations, and the smart app.


  • Electric scooters – 25 km/h Top Speed – 40 km Range / Electric bicycles – 25km/h Top Speed  – 50 km Range. To ensure the efficiency of the ride-sharing network, the scooters/bicycles are equipped with GPS/GPRS devices (sim cards provided by you) and anti-theft systems.
  • Docking stations – The stations keep the scooters/bicycles organized and securely locked while charging. You can personalize the stations with graphics that reflect the identity of your brand.
  • Smart App – You can get access to our API and build your own user interface, or you can choose a fully functional, user-friendly app that we have = already tested on several markets.

Financing opportunities for an micromobility rental service

As a small business owner, you can receive funding from the European Union through grants, loans, or guarantees. Grants are non-repayable loans that are offered to organizations that develop the competitiveness of the EU. Urban mobility projects are very popular in funding programs.
Now, nearly all EU member countries have implemented tax benefits to different types of purchase incentives that stimulate electric vehicle sales, with some countries offering specific benefits for electric scooters. Europe even outperforms the US when it comes to investments in electric scooter startups but also on government spending on biking infrastructure.
Between 2007 and 2013, €7.9 billion were spent from the European Structural and Investment Funds on urban mobility and it is estimated that over €12 billion were spent on urban mobility during 2014 – 2020 (pending report). This represents an increase of 40% in European funds compared to the previous financial period. It is more than obvious that Europe is a lucrative market for businesses that support the evolution of urban mobility.
For 2021-2027, one of the European Commission’s priorities is the Protection of Nature and Biodiversity. This goal will be supported by prioritizing projects that develop green infrastructure in urban areas and reduce pollution.

Business implementation

Once we find the best rental solution for your community, we can work together to establish the steps needed to build this business from scratch.

  • Setting up the equipment
  • Providing commercial space through purchase/rental; Arrangement of space (purchase of machinery, equipment, furniture).
  • Obtaining approvals, agreements, authorizations necessary for the implementation of the project.
  • Recruitment / selection / hiring of additional staff.
  • Personal training.
  • Implementing a marketing strategy
  • Ensuring the technical-economic and sanitary conditions necessary to run a rental business.

Go public and increase your revenue

Test your service before you go public!

Before launching your new micromobility rental service, make sure to run it by a group of critics. You should have the service tested by a few dozen people for a couple of weeks.

Promote your business!

  • Build a website and tie it to social media – An online presence increases the reputation of your brand and it also helps you gain valuable feedback from customers and potential customers.
  • Establish a marketing budget – Start with a zero-based budget where you justify each expense based on a specific goal. In the long run, you should be spending at least 5% of your revenue on marketing.
  • Create a marketing plan – Make a list of 100 ideas that you can try to promote your rental business. Implement them all, measure their results, and stick to the most efficient ones.
  • Associate your brand with local influencers. Online influencers are trusted by their audiences because they talk honestly, and they offer unique perspectives on products and services.
  • Influencer campaigns can have a higher impact than paid ads.

Integrate your brand in the local community

European cities are advancing at a rapid pace when it comes to urban electric mobility. While you can thrive as a private business, if you understand the needs of your community, you can expand faster by collaborating with local authorities to win contracts that improve the local economy.


Timisoara, Romania – Public Sharing System – Based on a dedicated app, any holder of a public transportation card can use the scooter to get around the city.
Private Transportation System – It features a payment module that allows users to top up their virtual wallets with any amount, and they are charged at the end of each ride. Available in Norway, Serbia, Romania and Malta.
Porsche Romania – Corporate Transportation Solution – Initially implemented for Porsche employees, the scooter fleet was later supplemented and it was opened to other interested companies.
Tourist transportation solution – Available in hotels from Norway, Turkey and Romania, this solution has proven very efficient for hotel clients who wish to visit nearby touristic attractions.

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