E-TWOW is an international concept driven by a strong desire to revolutionize urban mobility. After having achieved a leading position on the international market, for manufacturing the most efficient and durable electric scooters, we now wish to give as many people as possible access to our electric scooters through an efficient ride sharing system.
Our Ride Sharing solution is suitable for many business environments, from corporations that want to provide their employees with a sustainable transportation solution, to universities that want to give students access to an economical vehicle, or investors who wish to develop a public ride sharing system


E-TWOW RideSharing is an integrated transportation solution that allows people to move easily anywhere, reducing the time spent in traffic, while enjoying a relaxing ride. Our mobility solution consists of:


With a top speed of 25 km/h and a range of 40 km, the E-TWOW electric scooters are the perfect urban mobility solution. To ensure the efficiency of the ride sharing network, the scooters are equipped with GPS/GPRS devices and anti-theft systems.


The smart ride sharing app allows the users to easily locate the nearest docking stations with available scooters. The app admins can monitor the scooters in real time and receive valuable info regarding routes and battery levels.


The docking station allows for the scooters to be parked in an organized manner, securely locked and charged at the same time. It can be visually customized to match the identity of your brand.

Also included: Admin panel for: real time gps tracking for scooters; scooter information (battery level, total mileage); errors log (not charging, out of area); lock/unlock scooter; define area of use.


A ride sharing solution is appealing to any individual who travels large distances daily. A personal vehicle, be it a car or even an electric scooter, is only used two times a day, and it comes with many ownership and maintenance costs. On the other hand, renting an electric scooter is relatively cheap, and this type of vehicle allows people to easily navigate even the most crowded city, without worrying about traffic or exorbitant parking fees. Moreover, electric scooters are a lot faster than walking, cycling or public transportation systems.
Given the advantages of renting an electric scooter, this smart mobility solution can be integrated in any organization.


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