Timisoara TroTm Project

The ride sharing project from Timisoara was set up in November 2019 when the representatives of the Timisoara City Hall contacted E-TWOW Romania for a ride sharing pilot project. The project was based on the municipality’s desire to achieve an integral public transport system through which the clients of the Timişoara Public Transport Society could use the same transport card for all means of public transport that exist in Timisoara, from trams, to trolleybuses, buses, boats, bicycles and electric scooters.

Our ride sharing solution is suited to a wide variety of communities and environments, from corporations that want to provide their employees with a sustainable transport solution, to universities that want to give students access to an economic vehicle, or investors wishing to develop a public ride sharing system

In order to implement the project, Timisoara City Hall chose us as their partners, as we were able to deliver the whole transport solution, from the scooters, to the charging station and the rental app. For the first phase of the project, the Timisoara City Hall purchased a fleet of electric scooters and several charging stations, spread across the university campus.


For us, this is just the first step in developing an integrated transport network that allows people to use electric scooters to easily travel anywhere in the city, thus reducing the time spent in traffic, while enjoying a relaxing outdoor stroll. Aside from the charging stations, the scooter fleets, and the smart mobile app, we also provide a maintenance system and a continuous development plan for the project.

TroTM iOS & Android App

Custom design and functionality of the mobile app suited for
a ridesharing public transportation solution